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About Caffeine


Renovations are over and we look forward to seeing all our regular customers from Monday 13th of February.

Open Monday to Friday for the best baguettes and home made sausage rolls on campus.

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Building HD, Level 2, Central Precinct

Opening Hours

  • Monday 07:00 - 05:00
  • Tuesday 07:00 - 05:00
  • Wednesday 07:00 - 05:00
  • Today 07:00 - 05:00
  • Friday 07:00 - 04:00



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Stephen Chenery

Stephen Chenery

Posted 10 months ago
Hello there.

Efficient service but I was disappointed that patrons were NOT recycling. I suggest that there be a SIGN put up to inform patrons as to which item should be placed in which bin. Also, there should be TWO 'Recycling' bins for each One 'Rubbish' bin (recyclables, e.g. cups, quickly fill-up a bin).

Patrons could be confused by the statement on the recycling bin that says "No food". However, that does not mean that all recyclables (e.g. coffee or milkshake cups) need to be washed before being placed in a recycling bin. It just means that partially consumed food should not be placed in them. As long as most of the liquid in a cup has been consumed it can be placed in a recycling bin without being rinsed.

REPLIED ON Feb 22, 2018

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