As part of our commitment to enhancing our campus environments, in 2017 we launched the Deakin Food Charter. Based on feedback from our students and staff, this set of principles is supported by the university's Faculty of Health and guides a balanced food and drink offering across all our campuses.

The aim? To provide choice in our food offer that meets the needs of our vibrant, complex community. The Charter is based on five pillars – healthy, informed, balanced, easy and sustainable – that focus on everything from fresh, seasonal ingredients to reduced packaging or no minimum EFTPOS.

As we begin to apply the Charter's principles across catering, retail outlets and vending machines from early 2018, here's what you can expect to see:

  • ​New catering menus that provide a wide range of good quality, fresh and healthy food.
  • A simple classification system that shows you overall nutritional value of food and drink items, so you can make an informed choice on what you're consuming.
  • Reduced food packaging and waste.  
  • Vending machines that offer healthier alternatives.
  • A variety of prices and portion sizes that cater to broad dietary requirements.
  • Clean, inviting venues that make it easy to buy, prepare and enjoy food with others.
  • Community gardens on campus.

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