​The Food Charter relates to Deakin’s retail food outlets, catering services and vending machines. Here’s what you can expect to see.


The Food Charter translates to retail in a number of ways:

  • A traffic light classification system that informs customers on what they’re eating;
  • Free tap water in venues and around campuses;
  • A range of portion sizes;
  • A variety of snacks and meals catering to different dietary requirements;
  • A balanced selection of foods, including healthier options;
  • Reasonable, benchmarked pricing;
  • The availability of fair trade coffee;
  • More sustainable packaging 
  • Organic waste stream management

The Food Charter’s foray into Deakin’s retail food offer began with a pilot café at FooMoo, in Burwood’s building BC.

Along with a delicious and balanced new menu, a ‘traffic light’ classification system provides nutritional guidance and equips you to make informed decisions on your food choices. Sustainability is also a big focus, with compostable packaging used and the Deakin discount applied to drinks purchased in a reusable cup.

This café was also a testing ground for the Food Charter – so we can find out what works, what doesn’t, and how we can refine the framework to roll it out further across our campuses.

If you’ve tried out the food and have comments on what you like or what we can improve, send an email to cscomms@deakin.edu.au


Deakin’s caterers are developing menus that use fresh and seasonal produce and accommodate for dietary requirements and preferences. We provide catering for a range of activities at the University, from external guests or staff meetings through to student-focused events. The beginning of 2018 saw the transition from DUSA hosting BBQs to using on-campus caterers, delivering a service that is healthier, safer and reflects the Deakin Food Charter.

Revamped catering menus offer high quality ‘green’ and ‘amber’ options, so the menus reflect recommendations from the Victorian Healthy Choices guidelines and are supported by our Faculty of Health. But never fear, there will still be a range of items to choose from. Including sweets! A Food Charter menu launched at the Burwood Corporate Centre is already receiving positive feedback.

In creating new food and menu ideas with our catering teams, we have also considered sustainability issues such as minimising food wastage, by implementing an organic waste stream to save organic waste from ending up in landfill. 

Our caterers strive for excellence in their food and service, and their offering demonstrates what the Deakin Food Charter is all about.


Vending machines will continue to offer convenient, all-hours food and drink options and also meet healthy vending criteria. We have improved the selection of beverages and snacks to make sure there are lots of healthier alternatives available. Green, amber and red traffic light labelling is being used in all machines to help support decision-making.

You can expect to see a balanced offering that incorporates a range of price points, portion sizes and international food products. Consideration will also be paid to the environmental footprint of our vending machines, with an emphasis on reducing waste through minimising packaging and choosing recyclable products. In fact, 50 of our vending machines contain bottles are are made from 100% recycled plastic. 

Emerging technology means innovative vending machines have been introduced to our campuses, which include a range of easy payment options. New technology has even created the capacity to sell fresh food products; a move that has really enhanced the level of convenient and healthy food we can provide.