Building NA, Inside Natural 1, Nicol Drive North, Deakin Waurn Ponds campus

About Fair Trade Cabinets - Waurn Ponds

Managed by students from the Fair Trade Vision a DUSA CLUB in collaboration with hospitality, they are a point of awareness and advocacy for the work conducted by OxFam and FairTrade Globally.

By supporting and purchasing these products, we directly affect artisans and producers of in the smaller communities around the globe. Often their handicrafts are the only means of income for their families and for their community. 

Fair Trade and Oxfam support labour practices, fair pricing, no child slavery or labour; environmental impacts and other social values.

Where the FT logo is displayed, it ensures that the entire supply chain is ethical and the integrity of it has been independently audited.

Further to this the rebates paid by the supply chain will be used by the community board (of the area) to decide on where they feel additional support is required. 

India Tea plantations (Serenitea as example) spend much on education of their children and their schools and facilities.

Cotton farms and tea plantations deal with heavy loads of pesticides which in the long term have a health and wellbeing concern for pickers, pregnant woman and their unborn foetus. Organic farming means beast practice; while FT takes this to the next level and covers working conditions.


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